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📚10 years working with expatriates from different countries all over the world⠀

⠀🚀I've personally moved abroad 2 times in 3 years⠀⠀

🎙Podcast host with over 2,000 listeners across 16 countries⠀⠀

🔧Pivoted my career into Tech in a new country with no connections⠀⠀

💵Coached foreign-trained professionals like you and got over $200k salary increase in 6 months


📌Feel frustrated when you know you are capable of doing the job but you don’t get the chance to prove yourself- You apply, no interview, you finally get the job, no opportunities for growth.

📌You want to get ahead in your career but keep getting passed by for high profile assignments, deals or promotions.

📌Feel neglected from insider conversations, alienated from work related activities.

📌Are trying to adapt to different work terms that didn’t matter in your home country but matters now.

📌Making a transition to a new role, new team in a new country.

📌Want to know how to use your voice with confidence (especially if you did little of that growing up or you previously worked in an environment where it was not encouraged).


📌Have a track record of FTI- Failure to Implement. If you consume more information than doing the work and will not commit to practicing all the strategies and tools shared.

📌Want to manipulate people to do as you wish all the time.

📌Want a shortcut to success and want to keep playing small with your career plans.

📌Secretly like being stuck, and have no interest in doing the work.

📌Don't want to be accountable with yourself and peers.

📌Whine about doing the work with an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship. We will teach you to be confident in making decisions by applying the strategies we teach in the curriculum.

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